well seasoned advice on various key issues

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Mr. Bob Lamp'l of Business Plans & More, Inc. for your professional business plan needs. Bob came highly recommended to us from a close acquaintance and we are truly thankful for that reference.

At our initial meeting with Bob, we discussed in detail our company's vision, mission and operations and handed him a "mountain" of preplanning paperwork that would be necessary for his job. The huge size of the task we put forth did not seem to bother him at all. He just listened intently and offered well seasoned advice on various key issues. We felt assured that, with his many years of experience and resources in dealing with different types of businesses, he would be able to produce a successful business plan for our company. And that he did! Throughout the whole process of compiling our plan, Bob was very intent on making sure that all the financial details of our plan were accurate and supported the narrative which clearly expressed our vision and mission.

We are extremely pleased with Bob's work and appreciate his professional manner and kindness in dealing with us. Once again, we do highly recommend him for your business plan needs and welcome any questions you may have.

Scott D. Hale, Trustee, Community Hands, Inc.

the reason for a successful start

The use of Business Plans and More to prepare my business plan is the reason for a successful start to my business. The well prepared, comprehensive approach Mr. Bob Lamp’l took told Bank Presidents and Loan Officers who were considering me for a Commercial Loan that I was very serious about this endeavor. The customized Business Plan aided the underwriter in the “due-diligence” process to evaluate the financials as it is like a “Road Map” to the direction your business is to go, and the means in which it is to get there. It also is to lay out a timetable for this process. This is important to underwriters for several reasons, as to draw the contracts of the loan, and put in writing when they can expect repayment. Being very proud of this document gave me the confidence needed to sit with the people who would decide the fate of my future and others. This document showed that I was prepared and responsible, and could manage the capital I was entrusted. Getting off to a good start financially is of the up-most importance to any business.

Mr. Lamp’l is very committed to preparing a Great Business Plan. The difference between getting the capital needed for a successful business endeavor, and not getting what is needed, may be the difference between a Good Business Plan and a Great Business Plan. If you have questions feel free to call me at (404)-406-0694.

Charles M. Williams